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Threads in the Tapestry
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Locations: The Blasted Tower, a luxurious skyship

  • How did Lorrasadi know about the characters and their whereabouts?
  • Why does she care?
  • How was the Emerald Claw involved?
  • What happened to Sergeant Kurgein and Mallora?
  • What is the significance of the Blasted Tower?
  • What was Arik Blacktree doing there?
  • What happened as a result of his ritual?
  • What happened to the Lord Mayor?
  • What is the significant of the siberys dragonshard skyfall?
  • What was the cause of the Day of Mourning?

Book One

Locations: Mayhern

  • What happened to that first dragon you fought?
  • Why is Belashyrra interested in you?
  • What is Agera’s agenda?
  • What is the nature of the aberrant music?
  • What is the nature of the conflict between the Goblin Clans?
  • What were they really mining near Mayhern?
  • What did the Eladrin do with the weapon you gave them?
  • Why were some of the Eladrin towers inaccessible?

Book Two

Goblin Market, Satyr Grove, the bog, the pyramid of shadows

  • Why is the pirate captain looking for the crown?
  • What happened at the buried temple in the farm?
  • Why was the genealogy important?
  • What will end the Gnome / Eladrin conflict?
  • What became of Nagaptha, the hag?
  • What became of the satyr?
  • What of the Eladrin demon slaying knight and his lover?
  • What of the green slime which escaped from Ragaptha after her death?
  • What became of Arik the Younger, Arik the Elder and Arik the Mad?
  • What is the red crystal disease?
  • What happened the the undead unicorn?
  • What happened to the minotaur?
  • Gnome tieflings / Agera again?
  • Was that really Agera in the Pyramid?
  • What happened to Roswyn?

Book Three

  • How should we deal with the Heretic priest, Arem?
  • Rescue the slaves refugees from the sinking isle
    • Retrieve Book of Heresies from the eladrin on the Isle of Groves
    • Return the Eladrin slaves to their family
  • Decode the Templar’s letter.
    • Use the Winterbole Codex to decode the letter
      • …over an extended period of time
      • …at a religious library
      • …with the wizard of Winterhaven


  • Find Mara’s missing friend
    • An elvish pirate with face tattoos bound a sea nymph into his ship. He set sail from the Lhazar Principalities. This sea nymph knows what shore he landed on. [only Mara has this information]

Main goal quests are bold. Quests en route to goals are italic. Side quests are plain text

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