The entertainment hub of the city, Menthis Plateau is home to Morgrave University and a diverse racial population. Certainly the most trendy of Sharn’s quarters, Menthis is a popular tourist destination. No walls surround Menthis, though its tallest towers are spread along its outer rim. The enormous dome of Morgrave University, ringed by five tall, slender towers, stands near the center of the plateau.

Upper Menthis:

The University District strongly influences the character of Upper Menthis, drawing academics, scribes, and sages from across Khorvaire. The ward’s artistic routes are also evident, as four theaters are present in Upper Menthis.

Represented by Thurik Davandi (Late Adult Male Gnome Artificer) an industrious and technocratic veteran of both Korranburg and Morograve University. Born in Sharn of a long-respected gnomish family, businesses he founded or invested in have played an important role in Breland’s dominance in the usage of industrial residuum for military and commercial purposes. He’s a darling of the press, as well, renown for his showmanship and flair.

  • Den’iyas: The gnome district in Sharn, it is home to intrigue, blackmail, curiousity, and deceit.
  • Ivy Towers: An unremarkable residential district, home to a number of professors from Morgrave University.
  • Platinate: One of the most desirable residential districts in Sharn, eccentric collectors of antiquities and retired adventurers give Platinate a quirky quality that distinguishes it from similar districts.
  • Seventh Tower: A district of myriad fine shops, it has prominent architectural features and is home to a number of rare book stores.
  • University District: Home to Morgrave University, dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge while making as much profit as possible. It also houses some of the finest restaurants and theaters in Sharn, as well as the Great Hall of Aureon.
Middle Menthis:

Sharn’s most diverse ward, combining races, national origins and ethnicities, economic classes, and social strata.

Represented by Caskar Halavok (Adult Male Halfling Claw-rider), who rose to fame on the Talenta Plains as a Claw-rider, before adapting and popularizing this sport in Sharn. He remains an important international celebrity, and is more often away as a representative of Breland and emissary to the Halfling community than present at Council.

  • Cassan Bridge: An unremarkable shopping district which is home to a small community of Shadow Match immigrants.
  • Everbright: Sharn’s most concentrated collection of magic item dealers and spellcasters for hire.
  • Little Plains: The largest halfling community in Sharn.
  • Smoky Towers: A theater district which is essentially an extension of the Torchfire district directly below it.
  • Warden Towers: Home to Menthis Plateau’s Watch Garrison and a small community of Lhazaar immigrants.
Lower Menthis

The essential metropolitan entertainment district. The streets are crowded day and night, with huddled buildings, and lurid – even risque – offerings.

Represented by Savia Potella (Adult Female Human Bard / Business owner), political opinions are split on whether she is a shame to the city, or soon to be the next Lord Mayor – or both. She admits to having ‘pulled herself up by her own garters’ from street entertainer, to dancer, to business owner, to guild mistress – her occasional cameos on the dance hall are a continual source of scandal, and great appreciation to her fans, and she has been rumored to have been courted by just about every major figure in Sharn at one point or another. Another anti-Boromar crusader, she has worked hard to convince the business class that it is in their own interest to end the culture of corruption in the city. Her recent induction into the Aurum Concord has caused quite a sir as well, though none can deny her right to join.

  • Center Bridge: Center Bridge tries to be a quiet residential district, but with Torchfire on one side, Firelight on the other, and the University District directly above, it smolders with seedy activity. [[:Mara’s | Mara Baker]] hostel is / was located here.
  • Downstairs: A tavern district filled with carousers and revellers. Home to the Diamond Theater and Luca Syara.
  • Firelight: A redlight district which has managed to maintain a reputation as a socially acceptable place to come and have fun, whatever type of fun one might be interested in having.
  • Forgelight Towers: Succeeds where Center Bridge fails and maintains a quiet residential life amid the rowdy chaos of Lower Menthis.
  • Torchfire: The most notorious district in Menthis Plateau, its many theaters are known for racy musical comedy designed to appeal to rowdy audiences.


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