The largest quarter in Sharn, Dura covers the great expanse of the western plateau from the cliffs to the crevasse of the western Cog. It is also the poorest, excepting the Cogs, with even its topmost levels solidly middle class. Dura mixes various businesses and housing, never approaching a true residential district but holding a number of apartments, tenements, and (near the bottom) slums. The lower levels of Dura include a large population of immigrants from Darguun and Droaam, forming a neighborhood of goblinoids and other monstrous residents.

Upper Dura

Middle class and built in the last few centuries, it is prosperous (even wealthy) while at the same time holding a seedy edge (buskers, and even beggars are common and adventurers and other strangers made welcome). It is the only ‘Upper’ district which doesn’t enforce passage restrictions for undesirables.

Represented by: Borian Halodorak (Elder Male Dwarf Aritocrat). Another member of the Aurum Concord, his gregarious style suits his district well and he often be found telling stories of his adventurous youth in the various shops of the district. That said, his primary support comes from the bankers and merchants guilds of the area, who appreciate the constant flow of money his younger adventuring colleagues provide.

  • Clifftop: Adventurer’s district. It attracts those willing to devote sword, spells, or skills to risky but profitable endeavors. Clifftop generally has a better reputation than Deathsgate, the other adventurer’s district in Sharn.
  • Daggerwatch: Home of the largest Garrison of The Sharn Watch and the Goldwings (the Watch’s aerial hippogriff division). Also home to the only front office for Talain Garrison, the headquarters for The Redcloak Battalion.
  • Highhold: Dwarven district. Built by dwarves for dwarves and housing a branch of the Kundarak bank.
  • Highwater: The finest residential district in Dura, though accomadations are considerably smaller and plainer than Middle Northedge, let alone the Upper City.
  • Hope’s Peak: Sharn’s newest temple district, it houses the Citadel of the Sun. Upper Dura’s tallest structure, the Citadel of the Sun is dedicated to Dol Arrah, the Sovereign Lady of Sun and Sword.
  • Overlook: Built with the fortune of the ir’Tain family, Overlook is an enormous residential district and a vast, gray, and featureless vista. It is also home to a significant Adarran and Kalashtar population.
  • Redstone: One of the largest shop districts in Sharn.
Middle Dura

An old district and a dangerous one, though not as dangerous as Lower Dura. The Sharn Watch in Middle Dura is vigilant and prepared for trouble.

Represented by Hruit (unknown age and gender Shifter Druid). Little is known about Hruit or his agenda, except that they have the unanimous support of the Bazaar guilds who control the nomination for Councilship for this district. Also, they seem to have a fondness for owls.

  • The Bazaar: The largest commercial district in Sharn, sprawling out over a dozen towers.
  • Broken Arch: An average residential district with a etymological history of treason.
  • Hareth’s Folly: A tavern district designed by Hareth ir’Talan, whom most consider to have been mad. Buildings coexist here in styles from across all Galifar, in addition to the imagined styles of Syrannia, Thelannis, and other divine realms.
  • Rattlestone: A tight-knit, average residential district containing apartement townhomes.
  • Stormhold: An solid, serious, and secure residential district.
  • Tumbledown: A lower class tenement district.
  • Underlook: A lower class Inn district, and the historical hub of entertainment before Menthis Plateau. It also houses Ghallanda Hall, the first outpost of House Ghallanda in Sharn.
Lower Dura

Once the heart of Sharn, it has slowly decayed as the city has risen into the sky. Now it is a dark and dangerous place, home to the miserable poor.

Represented by Ilyra Boromar (Adult Female Halfling Legitimate Businesswoman). The Boromar are perhaps the last of the Sharn Sixty to live in the area, she is heavily invested in local businesses and charities.

  • Callestan: An inn district which sees activity from all four crime families, Callestan is a battleground in the war between The Boromar Clan and Daask.
  • Fallen: Once Godsgate, Sharn’s first temple district, Fallen was nearly destroyed when the Crystal Tower fell. Now it is home to those who have nowhere else to go, though the recent efforts of The Godsgate Inn have been making a small, but definite improvement in the lives of the residents here.
  • Gate of Gold: Once home to many of the founding families of Sharn, Gate of Gold is now a tenement district and a slum.
  • Malleon’s Gate: Named for Malleon the Reaver, this is a goblinoid inn and residential district. Once the primary land entrance, that role has since been surpassed by Wroann’s Gate. It remains the major port entrance for river traffic and enlisted military slumming from the fort across the river.
  • Oldkeep: Once the seat of the Watch in Sharn, Oldkeep is now a residential district and a home for illegal trade. The Watch still has a garrison here, though, they just have different priorities now.
  • Precarious: A seaside warehouse district housing the Skydocks and Levitation cranes of Sharn, Precarious is also home to a small Riedran community.
  • The Stores: A slightly more dangerous warehouse district than Precarious, it has no access to the sea and no Skydocks or Levitation Cranes, but it is well positioned for delivery to and from the Cogs, below.


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