timeless tower

A well constructed (and thus, largely intact, aside from its damaged front door and ancient fire marks along the outside) tower inside Gardmore Abbey.

Occupied by the wizard Vandomar – a lonely, kind (insane, undead) man, who wishes only to spend time with his beloved, Elaida… a paladin who died in defense of the Abbey, and whose body he "resurrected’ as a flesh golem.

Met in Time and Tower, he was killed when it is was revealed he had part of the Content Not Found: deck-of-many-things… and that he was also likely sufficiently insane to not allow them to leave, but insist they keep him company…. as did several other frozen and entombed permanent guests… such as Jasper, General Demarchus and his two “lazy, so lazy!” apprentices.

At the start of Gardmore Feygrove 1 it was revealed that his body would likely be reanimated by the unstable magic of the tower.

timeless tower

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