Tavick's Landing

At the eastern edge of the city, Tavick’s Landing is defined by the terminus of the Orien Lightning rail line and trade road. The lower levels cater to travelers and traders entering Sharn by rail, and include an entire city district that has been converted to provide housing for refugees from the Last War. The middle and upper levels are broader in their purposes, including a variety of trades, services, and residential districts.

Upper Tavick’s Landing:

A self-contained kingdom for the wealthy, where travellers require permits for all weapons and spells, and where House Deneith has equal authority with The Sharn Watch.

Represented by Bestan ir’Tonn (Senior Male Halfling Aristocrat), of the the Sharn 60 and one of the richest and most influential people in the whole Kingdom of Breland, let alone Sharn. He served as a Barrister for many years, and remains a Senior Partner of one of the most prestigious law firms in the City. He has represented this district for the last thirty years, and is largely responsible for the policies which have allowed each Ward its own “individual characteristics” – and thus the ability to expel the unwanted and hire their own mercenary police.

  • Copper Arch: A professional district, and home to a House Deneith enclave.
  • Dalan’s Refuge: A wealthy residential neighborhood of overwhelming opulence.
  • Ocean View: A district of luxurious homes, it is among the most exclusive in Sharn.
  • Pinnacle: A temple district catering to those with wealth, rather than faith.
  • Silvergate: An upper class shopping district containing expensive clothing, fine jewelry, exotic artwork, overpriced food, and pretentious wine.
  • Sunrise: A quiet, clean, and safe residential district.
  • Twelve Pillars: A professional district. The inhabitants are serious about what they do, and generally quite good at doing it. Twelve Pillars also contains the Upper Tavick’s Landing courthouse where licenses to carry weapons and cast spells must be obtained.
Middle Tavick’s Landing:

A crossroads for travellers, traders, and explorers, it includes a host of inns, taverns, and reasonable priced residences with big dangerous swimming pools.

Represented by Dalaina Ironhand (Adult Female Dwarf Fighter / Merchant), who is famous for having no sense of humor, no time to waste, and no interest in anything besides the bottom line. She never takes business personally, and so seems utterly unphased by the multiple assassins she has struck down personally, or the fame that fact has gained her.

  • Cornerstone: A good tavern district catering to the lower classes (often sports fans) who want something more respectable than Dragoneyes. Home to “The Cornerstone”, a massive sport’s arena.
  • Dancing Shadows: A basic inn and tavern district catering to travellers.
  • Deathsgate: An adventurer’s district which gets its name from a massive bridge which connects the district to the necropolis of Halden’s Tomb.
  • Graywall: Average Karrn residential district. Due to prejudices and incidents that occurred during the last war, anyone attached to The Sharn Watch or The Guardians of the Gate receives an icy welcome in Graywall.
  • Kenton: Average residential townhomes, with at least two towers (Caine Spire and Helas Keep) populated almost entirely by shifters.
  • Little Barrington: An average residential district populated by the successful middle class.
  • Tavick’s Market: Positioned just above Terminus, goods from across Khorvaire shipped by lightning rail make their way directly to the large open market in this district. An excellent place to find clothes, crafts, and goods.
Lower Tavick’s Landing

The gateway to Sharn, this ward is a constant flurry of noise and activity.

Represented by Kilk (Unknown Age and Sex Changeling Diplimat). Changelings are less oppressed than they used to be, though still must undergo registration and face discrimination throughout society. Some would credit Kilk’s election as a step forward, many cite his absolute, enthusiastic, collaboration with any law enforcement agency whose shadow passes over Sharn to be the sign of a sell-out. His humble demeanor is well known, and oft as infuriating as ingratiating. He is always willing to strike a deal which even slightly lessens the burdens of the people of his district, and often has work for people not too proud to take it.

  • Black Arch: Garrison district. A dark, foreboding district designed to withstand a full siege. The officers of The Sharn Watch in Black Arch are among the most honest and trustworthy in Sharn.
  • Cogsgate: A warehouse district with numerous connections to the Cogs, this district is commercially valuable and another battleground in the war between Daask and The Boromar Clan.
  • Dragoneyes: This redlight district and its inhabitants change to fit the tastes of its visitors. For teamsters and Cog workers, it is a rough and tumble tavern and gambling district. For the wealthy, it is filled with sophisticated and sensual delights. Whatever a visitor wants, here it can be arranged.
  • Foundation: A poor, simple residential district that is home to many Cogs workers.
  • High Walls: Once a ghetto for suspicious foreigners, High Walls is now a refugee slum, holding mainly Cyrans who have nowhere to go, an increasing number of which are turning to nihilistic Cults as the only answer to why their homeland was destroyed.
  • Terminus: A caravan district defined by Terminus Station, the massive House Orien enclave that serves as an endpoint for the Orien lightning rail coach line.
  • Wroann’s Gate: A caravan district centering around the Old Road, the original and still well-travelled path to Sharn by land.

Tavick's Landing

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