At the very base of the city, below ground level, lie the Cogs, whose great foundries and massive forges fuel Sharn’s industrial economy. The Cogs is sometimes used interchangeably with The Depths and is built atop The Lava Pools.


An industry district stretching from Dura to the center of the city. Ashblack is home to The Cannith Forgehold, the center of House Cannith in Sharn and a massive, impenetrable fortress.

Represented by Daluk Redscale (Late Adult Female Dragonborn Laborer / Priest). Daluk has served House Cannith her whole life, working tirelessly and loyally in their forges and factories, and there is no doubt to whom her loyalties lie while on Council – she speaks almost reverentially of the Dragonmarked House as the ‘Masters of flame and forge.’ Her forceful, but compelling, manner of speaking and leadership saw her rise through the ranks as Cannith’s preferred representative when they felt negotiations required a heavy hand – which says much about their feelings about Sharn’s Council at present.

  • Blackbones: An industry district located under Tavick’s Landing, it is slightly newer, cleaner, and more spacious than Ashblack.

Represented by Nolan Toranak (Young Adult Male Dwarf Cleric / Merchant), who has skillfully utilized this region’s growth to advance its power. An outspoken opponent of Warforged rights, he has worked to create as many loopholes in local implementation of the Treaty of Thronehold as possible, and many Warforged live in virtual slavery in the mines and factories of this area. His disdain for House Cannith is also well known, declaring they are a doomed and broken house for their sin of creating the Warforged. While at Council, however, he generally allies himself with the representatives from the Upper City and Skyway, since they own most of the factories in his ward and he is reliant on their continued investments.

  • Khyber’s Gate: The undercity, here there are a number of monstrous immigrants from Droamm and the seat of Daask’s power in Sharn, found in the abandoned Temple of the Dark Six. One of the oldest sections of the City, the tunnels of this district go all the way to the lava pool beneath. While most of those have been sealed off, much space remains in this trackless dark.

According to the Lord Mayor, there was no legal election in this district, nor has there been in many decades – it is under martial law. However, Karshan Bonesinger (Adult Male Hobgoblin Fighter / Bard) has been (futilely) attempting to contest that. Most of the region is dangerous, uninhabited, or utterly lawless – though he has been the most successful at bridging the gaps between the underpeople and building community. The arrival of the Daask has brought both new resources and new challenges to that.


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