D&D 4e, Eberron setting, roughly following the official intro series of adventures (though with significant noir / horror modifications).


The Galifar Empire was the greatest testament of humankind’s ingenuity and determination the world has ever known. For almost a thousand years, it kept the civil races at peace and the monstrous at bay. Science, art, religion and the arcane all flourished. However, in a fratricidal secession crisis, all of that was shattered.

Now, after decades of fighting, everybody agrees that The Last War must be in its final days. The various heirs of the constituent kingdoms all press their claims for the throne in the name of peace and justice. Even as the casualties mount and increasingly brutal weapons and tactics are used, the bards sing of inevitable victory and the glory of sacrifice in the name of King and Country. However it ends, it must end soon… everywhere the crops are burned, the armories are pillaged, the treasuries are emptied, the outer provinces are in rebellion, and there isn’t anybody left to draft.


Our stage is set against the backdrop of what was once the most fertile farmland of the Kingdom of Cyre, richest of the constituent nations. There, the three largest remaining armies press against each other, each striving for that decisive victory which will end the war and reunite the lands under a restored dynasty.

While in the plains below the greatest battle of the Last War is being fought… no soldier or general will shape the fate of the world, so much as a madman chained to a wall over a mystic prophecy mark, and the few heroes now gathering around him to free or murder him.

He sings madly as the dead rise, as fell beasts slip through the cracks between the worlds, and all dance to the unearthly music of the spheres. Our heroes, thrown together by fate and betrayal, gather together against the onslaught, their sanity as much at risk as their survival.

The story so far:

Prologue: The End of the World

In which our heroes witness the Day or Mourning in Cyre and, with the help of unexpected friends, escape.

Book 1: A Brave New World

In which our heroes lead a band of refugees across the war town country of Darguun, deal with the anger of the formerly oppressed Goblin tribes and the fearful isolation of the, now stranded, Eladrin. Following strange music, the hand of ancient madness is revealed as the Daelkyr Belashyrra makes a friendly introduction, and the party unwittingly brings ruin upon his realm with a kiss relayed from Agera. Finally securing their escape through a deal with the Eladrin, the heroes are presented with the first piece of the Crown of Kings. Their trip home is interrupted, leading to a confrontation with a well meaning pirate and a dramatic sojourn off the map entirely.

Book 2: Inevitable fate

In which our heroes journey to the Feywild and become embroiled in the schemes of hags and satyrs, as well as the brewing civil war between the Gnomes and Eladrin. One maze leads to another, as the heroes become trapped in the strands of destiny – in the form of the Pyramid of Shadows. The heroes confront many of their past friends and rivals as they delve deeper into the truth of the Fate which bound them together: a confrontation with the darkness contained at the center of the Pyramid. As they struggle to escape their Fate, they discover a demonic plague attempting to escape with them. Finally, confronting their pirate acquaintances one more time – and barely dodging a fight with an elder dragon, they take a speeding train through a one way portal into unknown darkness.

Book 3: Dead, but not resting

Stranded in Dol’Urrh — the Shadowfell — where the spirits of the dead endlessly travel seeking salvation… or endlessly wait for judgement – our heroes make their way toward one of the few living settlements, in hope of finding a way out. They slay the Devourer – Exarch of a fishing village, then make a deal for transport with some smugglers. Making a base in Gloomwrought with the rest of the Pyramid escapees (some of which were original refugees from Cyre!), the heroes find little warm welcome, and their only safe refuge on a sinking island. While a nearby warlord is interested in acquiring some fresh meat, and members of two feuding houses offer their assistance (if only the feud can be resolved somehow), our heroes take leave of the city to pursue some enslaved eladrin amid rumors of dark heresy in the church. Traveling deep into the mountains, they find a lost village, a broken abbey and evidence of the hand of fate in motion once again…

Against the coming storm

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