The monetary unit for Gloomwrought, and the most widely used trade currency throughout Dol’Urrh.

Since the alchemical deadening effect of the region transmutes most metals normally used as means of trade (gold and silver) are worthless, Gloomwrought in order to maintain its trade center status, came up with an alternative solution.

Terms represent the indentured servitude of its citizens, in service to the City. All citizens, upon coming ‘of age’ go to a city office branch and swear the loyalty to the City and its laws. They sign an oath to that effect and are paid (in advance) for their civil service, which may be called forth as required to protect and serve it for an allotted term of service. In actuality, the money is generated BY the act of singing the loyalty oath, and represents a binding act.

In this manner money can never be forged and always represents very real value: the ability of Gloomwrought to defend itself and enforce its laws.

For such traders as might need alternative currency for extraplanar trade, the Brass Embassy does the largest volume of currency exchange.

The Noble Houses, Churches and Guilds which represent each District must meet a quota of Terms paid the City to fund the Deathless Guard and various services – but are otherwise left alone about how to charge and extract those resources from their constituents. Thus, high rents, protection fees and exorbitant prices for basic goods are common. Many people are in debt – and defaulting on that generally leads to further service on the Wall.

It is commonly believed that if you die while in debt, the City can bind your soul to its walls and force you to serve it beyond the grave. Some say forever, others say until your debt is paid in full. The distinction is acknowledged as being trivial.

It is also rumored that if you die while rich, you can arrange a similar deal – as the City arranges your sapient undead resurrection. Thus do the wealthy strive to avoid the fate of the other restless souls travelling through Dol’Urrh and whatever judgment they face at the end of that pilgrimage.


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