intended sacrifice


A young (early-mid teen) human farm girl from the outskirts of Winterhaven, chosen as a sacrifice by Hierophant Palascek. She had been intended to becomes an embodiment of Agera, but was rescued from the broken temple by Mara Baker when the party broke in to stop that ritual.

Ever since being rescued, it seems her skin has gone pale and her hair is going white. Her family is dead now and she has nowhere to go back to – so she follows Mara around in an almost worshipful manner. Very quiet and shy, she is quick to smile and try to be helpful. She comes of as somewhat naive, though she has a decent religious education and knows enough to get out of the way in combat.

She spends a lot of time tucked into small corners trying to be inconspicuous and avoid notice. Though, every so often, somebody will find her standing out in the open (perhaps not far behind you). She’ll be smiling vaguely with a far off look, while sharpening a long curved sword she suddenly just had in her hand which wasn’t there before.

If asked, she ‘just found it’. Then she hides again.


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