Aeltinafaren Velfarren

Elder of House Velfarren


Found mutated and mad in the timeless tower along with his three human knight companions.

Nearly insensate, they were brought back to the family holding in Thelanis, where a ritual to cure them was completed.

Ancestor of Lord Berrian Velfarren and Analastara Velfarren

First employer of Vizier Eranyth.

Currently holding territory on the site of the, since flooded, town. Attended to by Analastara. He seems to be summoning constructs to serve him. At present they number only a few dozen – the smallest of the military forces by far. Unknown growth potential. Unknown supply requirements.

Controlling the other side of the river, he has access to the forest and farms of the area.

As the eldest of the lineage, should technically assume command of the House, by Eladrin custom. However, if found corrupt for his dealing with the Fomori, or rendered incapable due to his time in the tower, could lose his right to rule.

Has offered Analastara’s hand in marriage, possibly to both Amalia and Marquis Zel’Qi.

Rumored to possess knowledge of what happened to the night children (dark Eladrin).

Aeltinafaren Velfarren

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