Arik Blacktree

assistant to the Lord Mayor, currently entirely insane


First encountered by the PCs in the Blasted Tower, he was chained to the wall basking in the glow of the Siberys shard & a prophecy mark which had been ritually modified in some manner. The discordant music was playing while several aberrant creatures danced nearby.

After being rescued, it became clear that the effects of the ritual had marked him with a whole body semi-dragonmark, while rendering him utterly insane.

During the airship escape, he attacked Mallora and her compatriots – apparently affecting the air elemental which kept the ship aloft. He requested the PCs aid him in his fight. After being attacked by the PCs, he lept from the ship – taking the elemental with him.

Last seen: The Mournland.

Arik Blacktree

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