fiery scion of a noble house


Nethermantic Striker


Youngest daughter of the House Umberfell, a noble family in Gloomwrought – known for their nethermantic prowess and trade route investments.

Highly competent and pragmatic, as the least likely to inherit she took to managing some of the ‘dirty business’ of her family – which is how, in conflict, she met Irzan. Eventually, in despair, she turned to the Church and spent some time becoming a devotee to the Sovereign Host. In doing so, she spurned Irzan, now her fiance.

It was at the Temple of Abeyance she met Mara Baker.

After some time at the cloister, and now a highly trained and competent nethermancer, Amalia left to seek shelter with Arem on the Garden Isle, seeking to reunite with her love.

She was rescued by Irzan and the party, but has temporarily parted again, seeking to find the secret of ending the conflict between their families.

With the aid of Mara and Vic, Amalia has reclaimed the lost seat of her family, which once were Eladrin lords. She now seeks to consolidate political power in the feywild.


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